How to Install a Floor Medallion

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Medallions are a great decorative way to liven up any home or office.  If you’ve ever thought about putting ceiling or backsplash medallions in your home, then you may have also wondered how on earth you go about installing them.  While it may seem like work that absolutely needs to be done by a professional, it isn’t always necessary.  It seems like a difficult project to do on one’s own, but it can actually be quite simple.  Particularly for floor medallions, it is an extremely similar process to installing floor tiles.  The same floor preparations are required for the instillation of marble, granite and ceramic floors.

Typically, instillation requires cutting into the floor with an x-acto knife or router and then inserting an adhesive spread, such as mortar.  Once the adhesive has been set, you then place the medallion on top of it.  It’s important to do all the steps at once because floor cutouts can make slight shifts and changes in shape if they sit unoccupied too long.  Allow the adhesive and medallion to dry overnight.

The process can differ depending on the type of floor.  There are all different types of flooring that medallions can work well with, including wood, marble and stone.  However, each of these foundations have specifications to keep in mind when doing DIY.  For example, for wood floors, make sure to select a piece that can be sanded down multiple times in order to get the size and shape perfect.  Mosaic tile looks absolutely stunning with marble floors, but marble is delicate prior to instillation.

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