How to buy a refrigerator

homeinterioradvicesGetting the best refrigerator for your needs will make storing your cooked food a lot easier and help to extend the shelf life of your fresh food. Here are a few tips that will help you pick the best refrigerator for your home and budget.

Top Freezer- These refrigerator designs provide homeowners with excellent value. They include a top freezer compartment. These fridges have a lot of space, because they don’t have added features, such as ice makers and water dispensers. They include an average capacity of 20 cubic feet. Due to their design, they also happen to be energy efficient, compared to other designs. Top freezer fridges are also slim and therefore will easily fit into today’s compact kitchens. In terms of price, these fridges are the least expensive.

Bottom Freezer – These fridges are more convenient as they give you easy access (at eye level) to the contents in the fridge. They come with the fridge section as a double door or with a single door. These fridges provide plenty of space but are larger in size. Therefore they are best for a spacious kitchen.

Side by Sides – These fridges are best for households that require more freezer space. The fridge and the freezer are split, which means that accessing either section is easy. Most of these fridges also come with ice makers, water dispensers and temperature controls. For a seamless look, for a faction of the cost, you could request for an overlay that matches your pantry.