How Can I Create a Faux Finish?

How Can I Create a Faux Finish?

Article by Leroy Calstard

Almost everyone I’ve ever met has longed for the possibility of redesigning the interior of their home, but everyone also wants to save as much money as possible. Fortunately for all you people out there, there are a number of different ways that you can change your home without spending a fortune. Many of these improvements are not only inexpensive, but they are also fairly simple to do. Some of these don’t even cost you a cent!

You will be very impressed when you start to read some of these home interior design tips, you will soon start to notice yourself looking around your home for things to do. You will have more ideas than you will know what to do with! You do need to be careful though, make sure that you don’t get too carried away and end up doing every single room in the house.


The first tip is to clean your house, few people actually consider this as an interior design project. However it’s true. Many people want to change their home because it’s dreary, the reason it’s dreary would be the dust which is a quarter of an inch thick on all of your surfaces.

Try moving some of your furniture around then use the polish and glass cleaner to give everything a good clean. This is a very basic and pretty much free tip but it really does make the world of difference. Would you rather live in a clean room? Or a dirty one? You should clean every week and do a deep clean every month or so.

Adding Pictures

Pictures can be another great way to add some extra life into a room, these make a lot of difference to any room. You might first mistake them as being windows. These don’t have to be expensive pieces of art, you could just visit some local flea markets and garage sales to pick up some tasteful art, you might even be able to paint something yourself, or use family photos! Extra decoration on the walls can make a lot of difference.

A lick of paint

Paint is fairly cheap but it can make a huge difference to your home. Walls can get tired and discolored very quickly, especially if you have pets or children. Something as simple as a lick of paint can bring the wall back to life and make it brand new again. It will remove all of these marks and create a stunning look. For so many people the idea of painting a wall sounds far too easy, but painting a wall really does make a huge difference. Consider using textured paint or a faux finish. You will be able to pick up all of these supplies and get advice from your local home improvement store.

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