House painting /home interior and exterior.

House painting /home interior and exterior.

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House painting /home interior and exterior.

It’s easy to think of interior decorating as a low cost minor renovation to your home. Of course everyone thinks they know how to paint, and some do but most don’t. There’s a lot of little things (knowledge of paint, paint colors, types of wall paint whether it be acrylic paint or oil paint, brand of paint-preferably Benjamin Moore, ways to apply, etc. etc.)

Paint home – it’s a good time to paint interior of your home when you start gettingmildewy looking blemishes over the surfaces of your home. I have seen mildew on both inside and outside.And another good reason to paint is when your color starts fading.You want to do some alterations to your room.Peeling paint is even worse than color fade since no one knows really what the color was but they know it shouldn’t be peeling.You just bought some new furniture and you want the room to have the fresh look again.You change the use of the room from for example a bedroom to an office, obviously you might now want a bedroom color in this office.

Wall paint – this is where most people start painting, it gives you the biggest bang for the buck when you change the color of a room you have changed the looks of the room. And this is a part of interior decorating because the wall colors greatly affect the rooms atmosphere and can either in enhance or take away from the furniture you put in there. And that would be part two of your interior decorating process choosing your furniture. This is an interesting point most people would pick the furniture they decide they want to use and then choose a wall paint color to match or complement the new furnishings.Just for example you might take some brand-new white furniture for your room and now you might take that exact same white and paint your trim (doors, windows, baseboards and/or moldings ) to really bring out your new furniture.

Interior decorators – if you’re at a loss on choosing paint colors for the home interior you might want to consult with a interior decorator, you can show him the home interior and the rooms you would like to paint or decorate and the furnishings that you will be using and they can assist you in selecting the appropriate paint color. And the two of you can discuss different decorating options by them asking you questions on what you like. With this knowledge the interior decorators experienced know how can come up with some home interior decorating ideas that you might choose from. Generally though with a good home interior decorator especially when you are staging your home for sale would be a great asset to sell your home because they know what the public wants.

Ultimately – it is your decision since this is your home what to do about your paint colors on your walls and trim and even your ceiling. But sometimes some outside opinions could spur some great ideas that you wish you would’ve thought of before.

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