Don’t Throw Away Your Old Couch Just Yet

A couch is hefty investment. Having an old, raggedy couch isn’t necessarily bad however. There are certain ways that you can spruce it up and make it look new again – apart from redoing the upholstery.

One of the reasons why your couch may look sad or out of place is, well, that it’s actually out of place. Experiment by moving your couch around different areas of your room to see what looks better. You can even accent it with some cheap end tables that you can find at a thrift shop.

If your ugly couch is looking ugly because it’s just downright boring, try accenting it with some accessories. The goal isn’t to hide it but to create a unique pattern using accent pillows, blankets or throw pillows.

If there are stains that date back to prior years, you might want to consider doing some power cleaning on the covers. If your cushion covers have zippers that surround the filling, you can easily take them off and toss them inside your washing machine. If they are not machine friendly, just vacuum them and look into steam cleaning as it can lift up deep stains. This also works for all types of mattresses, whether it’s a bedroom mattress or a boat mattress.

Purchasing new cushions is another option as well. If it begins to take on a saggy look and just lacks in being comfortable, some new cushions could do the trick. Replacing your old cushions will bring the shape of your old couch back to life and will improve the overall comfort of it as well.

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