Dispelling Myths About Portable Air Conditioning

Written by: Movin Cool

Portable air units are good for job sites and server rooms, but homes can use them too. These units provide a burst of cool air into a space, with the added convenience of portability. Some setup is required to properly vent the warm air from your room, but these units can be cost effective. Unfortunately, several incorrect myths surround these units.

Myth 1: Your AC Will Cost Less if You Run it Constantly at Higher Temperatures When You’re Not Around.

Anytime you leave your AC on when you’re not around, you’re wasting power in the home. There is something to be said for regulating the temperature of your house, but you’re just going to set those higher temperatures lower upon your return. It’s better to pick a temperature and set your thermostat accordingly. If you find that your home does not remain cool, invest in some double-pane windows or relocate your rental portable air conditioner to a place with better air flow.

Myth 2: Your AC is not affected by the temperature near it.

Your AC runs on a thermostat, which measures the temperature in the immediate vicinity. If the sun is shining directly on your portable air conditioning, it could throw off the measurement and cause your AC to work itself over time. There is also the ambient heat generated from nearby electrical devices, like a computer, which could throw off the thermostat and give incorrect readings.

Myth 3: Changing Filters Monthly is not Required

The frequency that you use your air conditioning would be the best determining factor on how often you will need to change your filter. Once a month is a common benchmark set by manufacturers and sales people, but the truth is that your usage will increase or decrease that time. Check the color of your filter, and be sure to check the air flow of the unit. A dirty filter will obstruct air flow and make it more difficult, and expensive, to heat your home with a portable unit.

Outdoor cooling units may require more frequent replacement of filters, as there may be more pollen and dust in the air than there would be inside the home.

Myth 4: Low Temperatures Cool my Space Faster

Setting your AC to a cooler temperature outputs the air flow at that temperature. It won’t cool your space any less than a high energy burner will cook meat faster. It just changes the temperature of the room. What cools the room is a combination of air flow, insulation and climate. Turning the AC too low will also cause the internals to compensate and burn out quickly. It’s best to find a comfortable temperature and just stick to that.

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