Different Bedding for Different Temperatures

Written by: Bedding Style

The temperature in your bedroom plays a significant role in the quality of sleep you’re able to achieve throughout the night. With a warmer bedroom, your body has to sweat more. You can’t control the climate, but you can control your bedroom. These tips will help you determine what the best bedding is for your environment.

Setting the Room

There is an ideal temperature for your body that keeps you in what is known as a “thermal neutral” state. At this temperature, which is usually 65 degrees Fahrenheit, your body doesn’t need to produce sweat to cool you down or shiver to keep you warm. Ideally, you’d be able to crawl into bed with a full luxury bedding set and not have to experience any changes in temperature. Of course, body temperature does play a role. Even at the ideal temperature of 65, some people might be tempted to sleep with one leg out of the covers, or only half covered.


Wool bedding can help to cool the body, especially during the warm parts of the year. As summer approaches, it might benefit you to invest in wool bedding collections. Wool fibers are hollow, so they wick away moisture as you sleep. Even in high humidity, your body will manage to stay cool as the wool does its magic. There are some drawbacks, however, which you should be aware of. For some people, the smell of wool is reminiscent of a barn yard. In addition, it can be hard to find adequate cushioning in wool bed sets, so a mattress topper may be beneficial.

Best Covering

Everyone’s needs are going to be different. College dorm bedding will insulate someone in a smaller space, where it may be easier to maintain a thermal neutral temperature. A comforter set at home might be more difficult to find because of conditions in the home, like direct sunlight or a lack of air conditioning. It’s important to assess comfort, as in the way your body stays at rest, as well as temperature.

Final Thoughts

Outside factors can increase your comfort during the night. For example, a white noise machine might help you fall into a deeper sleep. Temperature isn’t everything, but it is important to be aware of. Use fans and cooler bedding to control the temperature as much as you can, then work on other factors you can use to increase the quality of your sleep.

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