Designing the Perfect Bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the rooms where you’re likely to get a return on your investments, but day to day living should be comfortable too. In the interest of building a comfortable lifestyle for yourself, think past just the fixtures in the bathroom and into what makes your room comfortable for you. With these tips, you’ll sleep better and have a more attractive master bedroom.

Sleep Cocoon

The bedroom should be a cocoon for sleep. Comfortable pillows are just one addition. A mattress, or mattress topper, are essential for back support. You may also wish to invest in blackout curtains, which are often sold in attractive colors and designs. A white noise machine or some form of aromatherapy will also help you get some much needed rest. Ambiance is important to sleep, so make sure that even the temperature is comfortable for you and your spouse to rest.


The bed is where you ought to put the most thought and money. A good mattress will last you for years to come, and provide the support you need for a deeper night of sleep. Try to build a theme in the bedroom, using very geometric furniture for the modern look or opting for wicker to pull of something rustic.


Your bedroom is not just another room in the home. When it comes time to show the home, your bedroom will be a model for the new buyer. It should also be a comfortable place where you can de-stress and get a great night of sleep.


 Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of the lifestyle brand Realty ONE Group. Realty ONE Group supports local charities through Realty ONE Group Cares, and the annual ONE Day volunteer celebration.

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