Cleaning hacks that will make a difference to your home

Young woman cleaning kitchen

Article by Buddah Lounge

To make your cleaning job more efficient, here are some clever ideas that will get your home clean in no time.

Clean your cabinets with your vacuum – Pull out your vacuum and use your brush attachment to pick up dust and dirt from the corners of your cabinets. You should then use a damp cloth with warm water with a mild detergent, to clean small dust particles.

Use your dishwasher to clean light fixtures – If you have light fixtures that can easily be removed, put your fixtures in the dishwasher followed by a drying cycle to reduce spotting.

Use a pillowcase to clean a ceiling fan – Slip a pillowcase over your fan blades and wipe the blades clean. This will prevent dust falling on your furniture.

Use old socks to clean blinds – Put on an old pair of socks with a spritz of spray clean and grip each blind. This will remove dust from both sides.

Spot-clean fabrics with baby wipes – You may get a spot of dirt or food on your couch and not want to clean the entire fabric. Instead use baby wipes to effectively clean the soiled area. Since they have less moisture and are gentle, you will not harm your fabrics.

Use tennis balls to launder comforters – Most comforters once placed in the washing machine tend to cause the stuffing to collect in one corner. To prevent this add a few tennis balls in front loader machines.