Classic Design Interiors – Exquisite Interiors That Stand the Test of Time

Classic Design Interiors – Exquisite Interiors That Stand the Test of Time

Article by Richard Rowson

There comes a time in life, where the home needs a little open heart surgery? The time is now, a classic design brings out the best of the old romance of the long past days. So forget the modern aspect of life and slip back into the days of the English empire or the American Colonial standards. There is more to life than temporarily fixtures like most modern appliances and fixtures. The classic design has the tendency to be changed more easily to fit the moods of the home owner than it is with the new modern aspects, the neoclassic look is fine but it’s a bit overpowering to the senses.

The French style is a nice look for older homes that uses classical art and various geometric forms with a soft touch. Usually strong colors such as burgundy or a royal purple are common among these styles. The main focus is a softer and richer fabric on the furnishings that draws the eyes into the beauty of the room. A very decorative style that has been revived in the 19th century is the Gothic style. The church-based design blossomed over into the Victorian period, which is the reason for the revival. The beautiful arches and sturdy material used in the furniture gave birth to a new age of design. The darker colors and firm padding are ignored by the beautiful patterns that the Victorian period impressed upon the Gothic style.

These two classic styles are only a couple examples that you could incorporate into your home. Some may not be as elegant as others but experiment with them until you find one that you love. The classic designs have more to offer in the antique world, the furniture and fabrics are only a small glimpse into the world of interior design. Each of the classic styles have their strengths and beauties but will hold their own against the elements and the changing times.

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