Choosing the Right Lock for Your Front Door

Lock for Your Front DoorMaintaining proficient security for your household should always be a priority. Nearly 3 million U.S. homes are broken into every year. One of the problems is that homeowners rely on the same lock that they had when they first moved into their house. Luckily, locks now offer greater protection to your house.

Installing Deadbolts

A deadbolt is one of the most important parts of securing your door. There are different options that you can choose from – a deadbolt and a lockset that is mounted separately from each other – or a handle set that contains both features.

The Grades of Security

Security levels are based on different grades given to the locks. They can range from Grade 1 to Grade 3 (Grade 1 being the most secure). Grade 3 offers the lowest security of locks and is also the cheapest. You will often find these on residential homes and commercial buildings with low security risks. Grade 1 offers the highest level of finish and operation. They were designed to resist any manipulation of attack and can withstand a brutal level of punishment.

Preventing Break-ins

For deadbolts, pins that have the ability to withstand sawing are the way to go. A dead-locking latch bolt prevents intruders from using credit cards to jimmy their way in. These are great for apartment owners where break-ins are frequent. For emergency situations, many locks offer a dual-feature where one handle set can open both the deadbolt and the latch from the inside. If there is a fire or a burglary, escape time is crucial.

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