Buying Cushions: A Few Tips

Written by: The Foam Factory

The last time you sat on your sofa or chair, you noticed it felt more painful than comforting. Years of usage can lead to damaged, worn-out cushions, and for most, a new replacement seat. And as you make your way toward purchasing new seat cushions or chair padding, you’ll want a few pointers to make your experience an enjoyable one. Because for most folks, buying a cushioned seat presents a few complications that can lead to returns and unsatisfied seating experiences.


Colors and Patterns

Outdoor furniture typically can use replaceable seat backs that do not cause color coordination problems. Indoor furniture, like that of your sofa, will need internal cushioning replaced. Still, most outdoor items include varying colors and patterns to match your exterior design trends. From floral patterns to bright hues, the possibilities remain endless.


Replaceable Foam

If your sofa contains removable foam cushioning, you’re in luck. Usually, these pieces of foam can be removed to allow individuals to take out foam and replace old, worn-out materials with new padding. You’ll have options for replacing foam too—either digital stores selling just the foam or brick-and-mortar stores selling replaceable padding. Whichever option you choose, you’ll find yourself sitting on new sofa seat cushions without paying for an entirely new set of furniture.


Washable Covers

If you’re purchasing outdoor cushioning, make sure you invest in either washable items or acrylic fabric. Washable items can be cleaned to eliminate stains and odors. While acrylic fabrics can withstand heavy rain, heat and wind to keep cushions fresh and new. Depending on the environment, you’ll want to purchase the right kind of fabric to withstand the varying weather changes.


Zip Ties

Most cushions, mostly for outdoor furniture, include zip ties to keep seats from falling or flying off. You’ll want to consider picking up a few items that include these ties to ensure you’re not loosing or getting your seats dirty. Most contain a few around the edges too allow you to secure cushions to their seats.


As you search for new or replaceable seat cushions, you’ll want to investigate your needs and desires. Some seats are easily replaced with little cost to you. Granted, more luxurious seating may or may not allow for foam to be replaced. Instead, you’ll need to either buy new furniture or call an expert to help you replace these items.

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