Build a college dorm bed for under $300

diy-rolling-storage-crate-10Going to college can be a pricey endeavor. Tuition, supplies, textbooks, and living expenses add up quickly. One item on the checklist that doesn’t have to break the bank is a college dorm bed. For less than $300, you can build a comfortable bed to catch some sleep in between classes, study sessions, and social engagements.


Many dorm rooms are equipped with a standard twin size bed which may not be the highest quality. If you buy your own foam, building a customized bed to suit your needs can be very cost-efficient. A twin size memory foam mattress only costs about $162.

If you’d like something a little larger, you could upgrade to the full or even queen size mattress which will cost more money, but is still affordable. It may be tempting to purchase a king size memory foam mattress since it also costs less than $300, but keep in mind the limited amount of space available to you in a dorm room.


Once you’ve chosen the right mattress, you can then purchase the pillows of your choice. Contour pillows in medical foam come in a range of sizes and are affordable and comfortable. Depending on how much you decide to spend on the mattress, you could potentially afford to buy multiple pillows, or even higher quality pillows, and still be under budget.


If your dorm room already comes with an adequate bed and you’d like to simply upgrade your comfort without having to purchase an entire new mattress, you can spend a smaller amount of money on any one of a variety of foam mattress toppers. Toppers are available in a range of 2” to 4” in thickness and three different types of foam. They provide excellent additional comfort and support. Once you’ve got your topper, you will have plenty of money left over to purchase great foam pillows to add another element of comfort to your bed.


Another option for using foam to make your dorm room cozier is to build your own custom cushions. These can be used to sit on while studying at your desk or to offer to your friends when you have company over. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, built to suit your needs.

Any of these three options can elevate the level of comfort in your dorm room, all while helping you save money for other college necessities.


Bio: Foam Factory Inc. specializes in custom-cut foam shipped anywhere in the continental United States.

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