Blinded by the Light: What to do When Your Windows Let Too Much In

All of the discourse about windows seems to say the same thing: more light is better. However, what is there to do when your windows are too big or let in too much light? Too much light can bleach decorations and furniture, and age your skin. Windows that are too large can let heat escape the home, or let too much heat in, potentially turning your breakfast nook into a second griddle. Luckily, there are a wide variety of window and glass treatments that can put these troubles to bed for good.

Beyond Coppertone

Many people only consider the dangers of UVA and UVB lighting when they are outdoors. After all, no one slathers on the sunscreen to catch a game of football on TV. Glass commonly used in homes only provides significant protection against UVB exposure. UVA exposure is not known to cause skin cancer the way UVB rays do, but they do contribute to skin aging. Protecting against those rays usually requires an additional UV blocking coat, so if it is a priority you may consider refurbishing your windows with new UVA-blocking glass. Start with the largest windows in your commonly used areas for the greatest effect.

Turn Down the Heat

Cutting down UV exposure means a healthier home, and many treatments have other similarly positive effects. If you feel like you are getting too much exposure to light, particularly for those with medical reasons to avoid sunlight, you may want to consider tinting. Tinting isn’t just for cars; there are many ways to have tinting installed in windows that will not heavily impact your view. Reflective and low-emittance treatments are also great ways to reduce the heat let in through large windows on the east and west sides of your home, particularly if you live somewhere hot.

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