Applications for portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are useful in a number of applications. These units can keep storage cool in the event of an emergency loss of power, or come in handy as an extra unit when crowd density is greater than expected. A portable unit can also provide cost-effective climate control for temporary events, including retail and industrial applications.

Temperature control

One of the main uses for portable air conditioners is the provision of supplemental cooling. This can be very beneficial in a server room, where it is important to keep computers at a comfortable temperature. Supplemental air conditioning can help cool a room that is experiencing heavy use, or can offer a temporary solution during a facility upgrade.

Moisture control

Moisture levels can be controlled through the usage of rental portable air conditioner equipment. Applications include construction projects, where excessive moisture can damage surfaces like walls and floors. Excessive humidity can also delay the drying or curing of products that are installed wet, such as concrete and paint.

Manufacturing facilities can benefit from the reduction of humidity levels, as well. An example would be the process of applying special coatings to products. In lower humidity levels, surface preparation can be accomplished more quickly and drying times are reduced. Additionally, rust and other forms of oxidation are easier to control. Moisture control in manufacturing environments also impacts the company bottom line. The ability to keep inventory fresh translates into customers who are more satisfied with the products they receive, resulting in fewer returns.

Efficient moisture control in commercial applications also helps the efficiency of heavy machinery. Whether the task at hand is printing sales brochures in a back office, or protecting sensitive electronic controls on production equipment, the rental of portable air conditioner equipment can provide the supplemental cooling necessary.

Industrial applications

Cooling is critical in many industrial applications, especially in food processing, where poor care leads to adverse health effects. Industrial cooling can reduce spoilage and help deliver a product that looks and tastes better. Climate control as products are moved is also critical, especially in produce where shipments can move across the country.

The main advantage of portability in industrial applications is flexibility. Industrial cooling equipment can be installed wherever it is needed and used only as long as necessary, making it both efficient and economical. Units are available in various configurations and with different operational features, so that almost any application can be fitted with the proper unit to provide the climate control required.


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