Advantages of using a portable air conditioner

For those who cannot afford to have a fixed air conditioning system installed in the house, a portable room air conditioner is the best solution. It is affordable and there is no installation involved, all that is needed is for the unit to be plugged in. Here are some of the advantages one could get by purchasing portable air conditioners:


Not everyone can afford the high cost of installing a ducted air conditioning system and especially in a house which is already built where the installation cost of a new cooling system will be very much more than installing it during the construction stage. Portable air conditioners are an affordable option to such people. At a fraction of the cost of a ducted system, this will provide comfort and keep your rooms cool throughout.

Also if the house you live in is a small one, getting 2 portable air conditioners will be cheaper and energy efficient than having a fixed cooling system.

For people who are on the move constantly:

People who are living in rented houses or apartments will not want to install a cooling system; instead investing in a portable room air conditioner purchased from MovinCool will be the best solution for them since it involves no installation and can be easily taken to another location and be used straight away. It also does not take up much space making it ideal for small spaces.

It can be easily moved to any place inside the house as well. So if you are working at your desk or watching television you can keep cool with it nearby.

Fit in smaller areas:

Portable units typically take up a smaller footprint, allowing them to fit in smaller areas that may require air conditioning. Many portable units are not limited in functionality to just cooling. They can operate as dehumidifiers. Dehumidification is the process of removing moisture from the surrounding area.

Guest post provided by MovinCool: You can stay cool and healthy with the installation of a portable air conditioner which will filter the air while a portable dehumidifier will keep air dry and prevent the growth of mold and funguses in your house which can cause severe health hazards.

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