Advantages of a mobile cooling unit

Written by: MovinCool

Instead of going through the hassle of installing a fan coil unit, consider a convenient alternative- a mobile cooling unit that can function as your primary AC unit, provide supplementary AC, or be used for spot cooling. A portable unit has many advantages over fixed systems. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about planning for the installation, and you’re not limited to cooling the area you install the unit in. You can simply roll it into whatever area you need with minimum hassle and move it as your see fit.

Perfect for Upgrades and Smaller Companies

A good portable AC unit is a better choice for many workplaces and lifestyles. For smaller, older homes, it may not be worth the trouble of installing an entire central air system. A mobile room cooler can help you keep energy costs down by only cooling the areas you need, such as if the central AC shuts down on nights or weekends but you need to keep a particular room cool, or prevent the building from leaving a certain temperature range. The right cooler can even keep a whole home or floor cooled and function as your primary AC system. If your occupation has you traveling and working in different locations and you can’t depend on a comfortable environment temperature, you could keep a portable unit on hand to make sure you never have to swelter in a poorly ventilated job site again.

Perfect as a Temporary or Permanent Replacement

If you’ve got a weak central AC system and don’t want to bother shelling out the cash for an overhaul, a supplementary cooling system may be just what you require to keep your living areas from boiling over in the summer months. Or maybe there’s a certain room or floor that has to be a different temperature from the rest of the building, or struggles to stay liveable because of the area’s function. For example, a supplementary AC unit can work perfectly as a server room air conditioner, manage the heat produced by a kiln, keep the oven from overwhelming the rest of the house, or prevent anything else from overheating or making the rest of the area unbearable. A film crew shooting during the scorching daylight could set up a cooling tent to keep the cast happy. With the right unit and space, any room can become a cold room to cool off projects or keep food from spoiling.
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