8 Steps to Minimizing Water Damage

While the rainy season brings with it the romance of light showers and a sense of relaxation, too much of it can be a bad thing.

This could lead to flooded floor drains and wet basements that you can do without, and which turn your home or business into a complete mess.

So, here are 8 steps to prevent or minimize water from finding its way into your home or business:

#1: Go over your flood and water damage insurance policy with your insurance agent.

#2: Check your sump pump regularly. If you don’t have one, then it’s time to install one so as to prevent water damage.

#3: If you already have a sump pump, also consider getting a battery back-up. Since storms can cause power outages, these can last for several days.

#4: Make it a point to clear your gutters and downspouts every spring. This depends on the number of trees around your house. You’ll be surprised how much water you can direct away from your home even if it a smelly job to undertake.

#5: Also, ensure that landscaping slopes away from your home. At least, it should drop an inch or for three feet or so. Over time, the soil around your home will settle and since water runs downhill, it’ll move away from your home.

#6: Look for cracks in the basement floor, and use a good waterproof sealer in order to do so.

#7: Ensure that you install covers over basement window wells.

#8: If it’s snowing heavily, move snow three to five feet away from your foundation. When it melts, it will flow away from your home.

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