4 Tips to Free Up Space in Small Homes

Without a doubt, modern homes are smaller. Even if you did have a home big enough, sometimes the arrival of a child can quickly reduce the space substantially.

This applies to older houses as well, where bedrooms that are barely big enough for a double bed and low ceiling can put a cramp on your lifestyle.

That said, here are 4 tips that can help you free up more space even in the smallest of houses:

#1: Use height for storage

Some options that are available to you are wall hung cupboards, floor to ceiling bookcases and high level shelving and will help you use up wasted space instead of cramping the space below the eye line.

#2: Use the attic

The attic is the perfect space to put away seasonal supplies that you might not need. Simply put, they’re perfect for items that you might not need regularly. For example, you can put away your Christmas and Halloween decorations or even electrical items that you might want to hold on to.

#3: Make use of outside space

Most people never make use of the space that they have outside. Usually, it involves the use of a damp shed where you place your tools and bikes and so on and so forth. Think about it: an insulated summerhouse could work for you both as an office or a workshop too.

#4: Purchase smaller furniture

While a king size bed might feel comfortable, there’s no point buying one if you can’t close the door. Instead, choosing a normal double bed should do just fine. The same goes for living room furniture too.

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