4 Steps to allergy-proof your home

Allergies can play havoc with your life. Reduce your exposure with these four simple steps.

Remove clutter – Clean up your home and declutter all your spaces. Less clutter means that allergens will have fewer places to hang out. Start off by getting rid of old rugs, newspaper, clothes and other items that collect dust. The bedroom should take focus, as most people spend at least nine hours in their bedrooms.

Clean the air – Making your home inhospitable for allergens is a good way to reduce the amount of mold, dust mites and pollen in your home. Start off by improving your ventilation and fixing leaky ducts. Look at investing in a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters in your air conditioning system. Then look at maintaining your humidity levels at 50% to reduce moisture in the air. When pollen counts are high, keep your windows When you go outside, look at showering and changing your clothes soon after you return home.

Clean the bathroom – A bathroom is a good place for dust mites to hide. Start with inspecting your water pipes and fixing leaks. Wash your bathroom at least once a week with a non-toxic Look at adding an exhaust fan to dry out your bathroom after a shower.

Reduce dust generators – Fabrics and carpeting generate dust. Look at getting rid of carpets and changing your curtains to blinds that can be vacuumed. Damp mop your floors regularly to remove dust and vacuum walls and surfaces with an HEPA vacuum filter once a week.