3 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home

It’s possible to have a beautiful home and a pet as well. In fact, experts believe that if your home does not work for dogs, it won’t work for guests or your children either.


All one has to do is be aware of the materials that are used for the home, keeping their pets’ needs in mind.


Apart from this, here are 3 tips to ensure that your home remains pet-friendly:


#1: Groom your pet regularly


Keeping your pet clean will ensure that your house remains clean as well. Trimming its nails will ensure that the upholstery or the floor isn’t scratched. Grooming your pet will ensure that loose ends won’t end up on the floor, bed, curtains and pillows as well. And what’s more: it’s more fun cleaning your pet than the entire house.


#2: Pick Stain-resistant fabrics


Instead of fabrics such as chintz, velvet or even silk, you can try three stain-resistant fabrics such as Crypton, Ultrasuede and leather.Not only are these options easy to clean and inexpensive but you’ll find that they take your pet’s comfort into consideration as well.


#3:Match colors to pet’s fur


If you’ve never thought of it this way, your pet can actually be an inspiration for finding the right colors for your home. For example, you can cover your sofa with honey microfiber so as to match the color of your golden retriever or even paint the floor grey – the color of your cat.


While aesthetics are important, no doubt, this is also practical as it will hide the hair that they shed every so often but won’t be as visible.

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