Use Polyurethane Foam to Repair Sagging Upholstery

Use-Polyurethane-Foam-to-Repair-Sagging-UpholsteryThere’s just something about old furniture that screams home, isn’t there? After years of living with it, that old sofa isn’t something some people can just throw away, even if it was a bit too firm for my taste. However, when your old furniture is starting to sag, not only does it look bad, but it also takes you more effort to get up and out of it. Fortunately, replacing the filling with new polyurethane foam from Canada is a simple process. You’ll be able to avoid the curb if you use this advice.

First, identify which cushions are sagging and take them off the chair or couch to be measured. Note the length, width, and depth to the nearest ¼ of an inch, however you may need to make additional measurements if it of a unique shape. Then go online and order replacement polyurethane foam sheets. You’ll need to order from a retailer that specializes in custom foam cushions.

Once you have received the foam, you’re ready to start replacing the old, sagging cushions. First, you will need to take the old foam out of the cushions. There is usually a zipper or concealed flap to access the inside of the cover. After taking out the old foam, insert the flexible polyurethane foam from Canada into the cover and zip it back up. Replace the cushion on your couch and you’ll have fixed your sagging couch cushions!

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