High Tech Homes: Ideas to Connect Your Home

High Tech HomesOne of the big ideas shown off at the most recent CES in Las Vegas was the idea of the connected home. Users will soon be able to do more with their household appliances, which will make all aspects of home life more efficient. A world with smart door locks, thermostats and security systems is right around the corner.

The Kitchen

The smartphone will be an integral component to the smart kitchen. You’ll use it to do everything from monitor how long an egg has been boiling to sending signals to an oven. Some smart ovens even feature a built-in camera, so you can monitor the turkey in real-time without opening the oven door. One stove made by Whirlpool will even feature a touch screen surface! Just be careful you don’t touch the wrong portion of the stove.

Smart Systems

Another major revolution in the home will be the systems that we rely on day to day. We already see major improvements to how homes manage cooling, but GE has a new lighting system controlled by smartphone. Homes even have smart locks, which can lock or unlock via your smartphone.

These systems will bring significant peace of mind to those of us who are on the forgetful side.

Final Thoughts

The home of the future promises to do a lot more for its residents than today’s home. Soon, you’ll be able to add to your grocery list based on what’s not in your fridge. You’ll be able to monitor who comes to your door, and you’ll have a

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the data-driven CEO of Realty ONE Group, one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in America.