Four cozy living room ideas

1Written by Wicker Paradise

Cozy living room spaces are welcoming and invite the entire family to spend more time in the living room. Creating a cozy living room space however, can be tricky, since it must have sufficient space, comfort and fulfill the needs of the entire family. Here are 4 cozy living room ideas that will make your living room more welcoming.

Extra storage – Storage in a living room is vital, because storage will help you keep your space tidy and help you find essentials like games, rugs, blankets and toys when needed. To make the most of your space include shelving or cupboards on the walls of your living room

Sufficient Seating – To ensure your entire family feel comfortable, invest in a large comfortable sofa. For a cosy feel, it is recommended to opt for warm colours like brown, burnt orange and beige. Wicker furniture sets are a good quality option, since they are sturdy, comfortable and give a cozy vibe.

Upgrade – If you already live in an aged home, you can easy liven up a room by adding clean touches. This will involve neutral colours that are light. White is a good option if you have a family with older children. For a home with young kids, you could choose beige or a light brown.

Pillows – Add large and small pillows to your wicker sofa set. This is a great way to add comfort and style to a space. It is best to choose a colour similar to your sofa set, but you could play around with fabric textures.


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