Choosing Rattan Furniture for a More Eco-friendly Office

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

If you pride yourself on operating an environmentally conscious company, it’s important to find creative new ways to implement green practices in your office. Cultivating a more eco-friendly environment can be as easy as changing the furniture in your office.

You can start by adding more plants and greenery to your office furnishings. According to an academic study from the University of Exeter, adding more plants to an office design results in increased employee concentration and productivity. Furthermore, plants can help conserve energy by helping regulate office temperature, resulting in less use of energy for heating and cooling.

The next step is looking for eco-friendly furniture. Ergonomic Trends has a list of the best ergonomic computer chairs, some of which are made from recycled materials. However, it’s an even better idea to go one step further and add furniture pieces made from natural, plant-based materials.

Ergonomic computer chairs serve a specific purpose. They are designed for optimal use while you are typing or using your office computer. Though they perform their function, they are not attractive to look at. For areas such as your office reception area, your break room, or your communal dining area, using products such as rattan furniture can add some exotic flair to your office space. Furthermore, rattan furniture uses some of the most sustainable furniture materials you can find.

Having an attractive workplace is also important for employee morale, productivity, and recruitment, as Clutch’s survey shows that most employees value working at aesthetically pleasing workplaces. Rattan furniture’s elegant, tropical caned design will help areas of your office come to life.

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