Buy or Re-Upholster? When to Purchase New Wicker Furniture for Your Yard

One of the biggest benefits to buying wicker furniture is the solid construction techniques used to manufacture it. Wicker is surprisingly durable, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. However, it’s not immune to the elements. Whether you’re looking to remodel, or you want to get some spring cleaning out of the way, these tips will help you determine whether you should buy or re-upholster your backyard furniture.

Check the Chair Itself

Wicker chairs have woven materials over an aluminum frame. In the past, these materials were made naturally. While they were durable, they splinter and fray over time. If you’ve inherited these pieces from older family members, you might be in dire need of an upgrade. Ask yourself how frayed the materials are. Could you replace the cushion without causing damage, or would the person sitting in the chair feel the materials poking them?

Inspect for Rust

Lift your wicker sofa or chair up from the front and inspect the aluminum frame. Aluminum does not rust, but it does corrode. Most people don’t know that the corrosion offers an additional layer of protection to the aluminum, but it’s also unsightly. If your furniture is corroding, it may be time for an upgrade.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re choosing wicker or rattan, both offer superior protection from the elements. After several years of continued use and exposure to the elements, you should expect to see some sun bleaching. The good news is that cushion fabric is affordable and easy to swap out, so there is plenty of opportunity to fix whatever is wrong with your furniture before you order new sets.

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