8 Hacks to keep your home tidy every day

Article written by : Furniture Holic

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may find that your home is tidy at the start of the week, but as the week progresses, you have to deal with a midweek mess that can only be cleaned on the weekend. Here are some easy tips that will help keep your home tidy every day.

Make your bed – Kick start your day by making your bed, which will instantly tidy your room.

Wipe your bedside tables – Keep a few wipes near your bedside and wipe your bedside table down while getting ready.

While you shower – Spray your shower and give your shower cubical a quick clean.

Hang your towels – Secure hooks at the back of your bathroom door to hang your towels or robes after you have

Edit your closet – When you are getting dressed, look at items that don’t work anymore and toss them into a bag in your closet. At the end of the month, decide what items you want to sell, donate or throw away.

Rehang items – If you intend to wear a jacket or an item of clothing, hang them on a hanger and place it in your cupboard. Avoid tossing it on a chair or the bed.

Baskets – Purchase a laundry basket for everyone in the house and dedicate one basket for linens and another for whites.

Start a wash cycle – As soon as you get home start a wash cycle. Take in your dry clothes and fold them and put them away till your washing cycle is complete. Avoid bringing in unfolded laundry into the bedroom.